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    Changchun Yuheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is the era of Changchun Yuheng optics limited company (formerly Changchun first optical instrument factory is a wholly owned subsidiary). The company is in the light mechanical and electrical integration, science, industry and trade in one of the high-tech enterprises.
    Mainly engaged in research, development, manufacture of optical instruments, teaching experimental instruments, sensors and two instruments. Main products: precision grating monochromator, spectrometers series, optical instrument series, modern physics instrument series, microscope series, sensor and display instrument series, more than 100 kinds of products.

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National unified sales hotline:0431-85543800

Headquarters address:Changchun high tech Zone, No. 333 East Road

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Changchun Yuheng Shidai Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. ADD:Changchun high tech Zone, No. 333 East Road